Frequently asked questions

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Is there any charges for using this service?

No, as of now there is no fees applicable to try this service as a freemium user, however if you are willing to opt for a paid plan, then it costs you.

How many messages i can send?

Our system allocates 5 sms per day to each email address as freemium user, but offers unlimited sms per day to any premium user. But you need to generate an API key to use our system.

How can i get an API key?

Its very simple, just use the link in the top menu and access Generate API key page and you can generate your API key, please note, each generated API key will get limited credits and 24 hours of validity. For premium users who bought our paid plan should have got an email with license key from our payment processor Gumroad, use the same in the form while generating the API key.

Why we need password to generate API key?

It is a security parameter we designed to safe guard your API key, even if you forget your API key, you can use the same page to retrieve your API key, but to get your forgotten API key, you need to provide the same email address and password which you used in generating API key.

Is there any API for SMS2USA?

Yes of course, you can use our API at mashape.